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     Thank you for visiting RagaBabe. We believe if you are looking for a better way to diaper, you won't regret the visit!  We are so excited to provide three truly remarkable diapers... not just more of the same, but a revolutionary approach to design and materials.  And after thousands of hours of development and testing --
results that are amazing!  The RagaBabe Team

 A message from Joy, founder of RagaBabe, Inc. ...     

     I am a mother of three children, Isabelle, our seven year old, Asaiah, our four year old, and our latest arrival as of August 14th, Selah.  My husband, Andy, and I are blessed with bright, healthy children, but both of the first two have extreme food intolerance and sensitivities.  The first couple years of Isabelle's life were spent researching and experimenting with foods that she could tolerate. Our second child proved no different.  At least I knew his diet!

     But what I didn't know, was the solution to the sores on their bottoms. That led me to try cloth diapering. 

     I tried several leading brands of cloth diapers, which brought about some improvement to the sores.  What bothered me the most was the performance of many of the diapers.  Some had very limited absorbency and would leak after an hour or two. (Too many wet sheets and car seats.)  Some would retain odor after washing and required repeated 'stripping'.  Others would look 'ratty' after only a few washings-- and the drying time (up to two hours) was way too long. And their looks and fit left something to be desired.  There had to be a better diaper.

     That pursuit has changed my life. With the help of my husband, mother and father (Carol and Dave Ketelsen), the process began that would mean thousands of hours of research and development, design and testing.  Over 300 prototypes were created and meticulously evaluated.  Hundreds of design and fabric changes.  A lot of tears shed.  A lot of prayers answered.  Travels around the country.  New materials developed for RagaBabe never used in diapers.  Problems... and problems solved.

     Without leaning on faith in an incredible God, we all might have given up long ago. But with every roadblock, came a breakthrough -- and a better diaper.  We are so excited to offer three amazing diapers, our RagaBabe 'Easy' All-In-One, RagaBabe Organic '2-Step' and Snapless Organic '2-Step (the later two -- Cover with snap-in Insert).
All designed to make you "love cloth diapers!"

    Today, thousands of diapers later from the first pro-type, and growing our new production facility, we still continue the quest for an even better diaper -- learning day by day. A thank you to the thousands of users of RagaBabes that are now a part of our family. Many of you we've gotten to know personally and we appreciate your interaction with us on the web.

     Be sure to contact us by email at to ask any questions not answered on our site or FAQ. Follow us on our RagaBabe Facebook site where we try to provide our customers with the best advice and service possible. New to cloth or confused about what to order? We'll get you a quick email or Facebook reply from us or other moms 'in the know'.

Our Family's Work in Haiti...

One of the blessings for our family has been our involvement in short term mission trips to Haiti for over 30 years. Since 1979, we have participated in 10 work teams which provided medical care, construction help, food distribution and Christian education to urban and rural areas of the country. My first trip to Haiti was when I was in third grade, while my family was living in the neighboring Dominican Republic, where my father was a teacher at Santiago Christian School.

    Living and working in 3rd world conditions has made a large impact in how we view our time on earth, and the responsibilities we have to others. My husband, Andy, grew up in Sierre Leone, Africa while his parents were missionaries there.

   Our hearts are broken by the devastation which is continuing in Haiti. We help support a family that lives near the airport in Port-au-Prince. We know their life is hard. My dad was there in June of 2009, several months before the quake, and was able to help build a house for a family whose home was destroyed by an earlier hurricane.

     Also while in Haiti, we were able to provide some RagaBabe diapers to mothers in the village of Caseau.  Many children go without diapers or pants, so a high-tech diaper was definitely a new experience for both mother and child.



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