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RagaBabe Diaper Laundry Bags
     Our custom hanging waterproof laundry bags are designed to keep smell and wetness on the inside. Made of laminated polyester with a heavy duty zipper in contrasting color.
     A waterproof open pocket on the back is handy for tossing in wipes, wash cloths and cloth napkins.
     Holds approximately 20 diapers.
16" x 26". Available in black, white and Star Candy print.

1 diaper laundry bag                $28.95

RagaBabe Diaper Wet Bags
     Our zippered diaper wet bags are a must for going out and about. Made of waterproof laminated polyester.
     It has a snap handle that can fasten onto your purse or diaper bag and an open pocket on the back for keeping extra wipes or liners. Holds 4-5 diapers.
     9 1/2" x 12". Available in black and white with contrasting zipper. Now also available in our Star Candy print.
     Customize the handle with a colored snap from a selection of 17 colors.

1 Diaper Wet Bag                $17.95
Organic Cotton Sherpa Blanket

     Swaddle your newborn... use as a baby bath towel, for a nursing cover, or for a snuggle blanket that your toddler won't want to put down!  This small 27 x 27 inch blanket is the perfect size for multiple uses.
     Our RagaBabe Organic Cotton Sherpa Blanket is a luxuriously soft, single-ply blanket that is smooth on one side with a buttery soft 'fluffy' texture on the other.
     Created from unbleached 100% organic cotton sherpa, it is certified free of chemicals and is hypoallergenic.
     Surged in three colorful gender-neutral thread options: multi-color blue with black on reverse side, multi-color green with black on reverse, and RagaBabe's distinctive Tie-Dye (aqua, green, purple, and raspberry) with black reverse.
     Great for your own child or a perfect baby gift.

Single Blanket                $16.95
Three-Pack                       45.95 (Save $5.00)

RagaBabe Insert Snap 'n DryTM

    Introducing the RagaBabe 'Insert Snap 'n Dry'! Simply snap your clean, wet RagaBabe Organic Cotton Sherpa Inserts or Doublers on to the Snap 'n Dry strip before tossing them into the dryer for reduced drying time and fluffier inserts.
   Saves time and energy and helps your inserts stay soft. No more getting stuck to the inside of the dryer! Makes for a functionally cute way to store your inserts when they are dry and ready for the next diaper change.
   Each strip holds up to 8 inserts. Two snap color options to choose from -- Rainbow and White/Neon Green.
$5.50 ea.   2 for $10.00           Patent Pending

'Psalty' Series Audio CDs
For Kids
    In our opinion, some of the greatest 'musicals' for kids ever created, the timeless Psalty series teaches the message of God's love, charity, and Christian moral and ethical values through the adventures of 'Psalty' the talking song book.
    Done in a way to fascinate and hold the attention of your children (without video, mind you!), the amazing cast of characters stirs the imagination through their dialog, intriguing story lines and memorable songs -- such as 'Make Me a Servant', 'Heaven is a Wonderful Place', 'In His Time' and dozens of others.
    In a world of music videos, we believe there is a unique value in these audio only CDs, which can stimulate the imagination in ways similar to reading books.
    With permission of the creators, we are stocking 8 CDs in the Psalty series at this time.
     Psalty's newest 2011 release is 'Faith It! God Loves Me'.
 $10.95 ea.

Psalty is a Registered Trademark of Ernie Rettino and Debbie Kerner Rettino. Copyright Rettino Kerner Publishing.

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Complete product pricing available on our on-line store.

'Easy' All-In-One and Organic '2-Step'Diapers and Laundry Bag patterns ©2009-2010 RagaBabe, Inc.
Patents Pending
RagaBabe is a registered trademark of RagaBabe, Inc. RagaMom, RagaWear, RagaBabe 'Easy' All-In-One, RagaBabe Organic '2-Step' and cross-over stars on wings are trademarks of RagaBabe, Inc.
Organic Cotton Sherpa
Cloth Wipes
with Tangerine, Purple, Teal, Neon Pink, Red, Rainbow, Lime and Natural Trim
Rated a top choice on 'Diaper Pin'
and 'All About Cloth Diapers'

Now also in Lime!

  RagaBabe's super soft wipes are made of a single layer of unbleached organic cotton sherpa. Their perfect thickness makes it easy to get in crevices for a thorough cleanup. Great for a multitude of household tasks including make-up removal. Use trim color to dedicate to unique tasks. Use natural for baby's bottom and rainbow for hands and face. Although thin, these organic cloth wipes won't curl up after washing.
     They are an approximate 7.75 inch rounded square and come in bundles of 10, tied with a decorative cloth ribbon. These also make great gifts!

1 Bundle of 10 wipes                      $14.95
Buy 3 or more and save 5%.

Organic Cotton Sherpa
Diaper Inserts
Rated #1 on 'Diaper Pin'
     RagaBabe's unbelievably soft and absorbent diaper inserts are made of 2 layers of unbleached organic cotton sherpa with 2 layers of bamboo rayon on the inside. Unlike most cotton materials, the soft texture of our inserts keep wetness away from baby's skin.
     Our inserts do not need to be 'prepped' by washing several times to reach full absorbency. Wash RagaBabe Inserts only once (separately from diapers and covers) before using. After the first wash, you may wash diapers and inserts together.
     A snap on the back is designed to be used with RagaBabe's Organic '2-Step' Diaper or with the RagaBabe 'Easy' All-In-One Diaper when extra absorbency is needed by laying on lining.
     Diaper inserts come in Small, Medium, Large and Doubler/NB. The Doubler/NB is the same size as a small insert, but thinner, and can be laid into a diaper if you need extra absorbency (nap, travel, night).
     Our Doublers can be used in 3 ways:

       1) Snapped into our RB '2-Step' for newborns,
       2) layed on top of another insert for older babies,
       3) added to our RB 'Easy' All-In-One Diaper
          by laying on lining when extra absorbency
          is needed for nap and nighttime.

     Our Small, Medium, and Large Organic Inserts are not designed to fold, so be sure to follow our weight recommendations when choosing an insert size for your Organic '2-Step' (see chart below).
Insert Size Chart for RB '2-Step' Diaper

Insert     Wt (lbs.)    Cover Size & Snap Setting (see photo)

Small               9-18      Fits Size 0 'A'  -- Size 1 'B' & 'C'
Medium         12-30      Fits Size 1 'A' & 'B'  -- Size 2 'B' & 'C'
Large             20-40+    Fits Size 1 'A'  --  Size 2 'A' & 'B'

Doubler/NB    6-12      Fits Size 0 'A', 'B', 'C'  --  Size 1 'C'
Liner/Preemie   4-7      Fits Size 0 'C'

Insert Sizes for  'Easy' All-In-One Diaper

Newborn 'Easy' AIO
- Liner

Small 'Easy' AIO -     Liner or
                                   Doubler (heavy wetter)

Medium 'Easy' AIO
- Doubler or
                                  Med Insert (heavy wetter)

Large 'Easy' AIO
-   Doubler, Medium or
                                  Large (heavy wetter)

Insert Sizes for  Snapless '2-Step' Diaper

Size 0 Snapless   -    Small Insert
Size 1 Snapless   -    Medium Insert
Size 2 Snapless   -    Large Insert

Doubler/NB Insert      $6.95 ea.  12 pack    $79.95
Small Insert                $7.95 ea.  12 pack    $91.95
Medium Insert            $8.45 ea.  12 pack    $97.95
Large Insert                $8.95 ea.  12 pack  $103.95

We recommend 2-4 inserts per cover.
One Insert and one Doubler comes with every RB '2-Step'.

Organic Cotton
Diaper Liners
( One Liner comes with each 'Easy' All-In-One )
     Our diaper liners are made of 2 layers of soft organic cotton sherpa. They make messes easier to clean up and are thin to avoid adding bulk. They can be used in combination with diaper inserts. Also function as a preemie insert.
3 3/4" x 9".
(One Liner comes with each RB 'Easy'

Organic Diaper Liner                  $4.95 ea.
                                      8 pack  $37.95

New Product . . .
Stay-Dry Insert Covers

     Made of RagaBabe's unique incredibly soft suede cloth lining, these insert covers slip over an insert allowing moisture to be drawn through the cover and into the insert. The covers provide a dry feeling to the baby's skin. Great for babies that are more sensitive to wetness.
     Available in three color options: Star Candy, Gray, and White.
    Two size options fit our full line of Organic Cotton Sherpa Inserts and Doublers. Size NB/S fits newborn (doubler) and small inserts. Size M/L fits size medium and large inserts.
    The open-ended 'sleeve' design allows the insert to be easily snapped into your 2-Step Cover, while still providing full stay-dry coverage.
    Can be used with other cloth diapering systems.

Star Candy or White                    NB/S
Star Candy, Gray, or White          M/L
$3.95 each (Introductory Price)
RagaMomTM Guitar Pick
Earings, Bag & Key Tags
White or Neon Pink Pearl

Show your RagaMom pride by rockin a pair of guitar pick earings sporting the RagaMomTM logo in either white or neon pink pearl! The earrings are hand-made in the USA from materials made in the USA, including the recycled gift box they are packaged in. Hooks are made of sterling silver.
Bag and Key Tags also available.

White or Neon Pink Pearl   $9.95
Bag and Key Tags              $3.95
RagaMomTM is a Trademark of RagaBabe, Inc.

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