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The RagaBabe  'Easy' All-In-One Diaper

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Our RagaBabe All-In-One  is a reusable cloth diaper that is literally as easy to put on as a disposable using our convenient, durable Velcro-style closures-- making it super easy for first time cloth diaperers, dads and babysitters!
     We begin with a waterproof laminated outer layer of premium colorfast polyester available in 8 solid colors and 11 prints.
     Lining the inside is a buttery soft lightweight suede cloth that keeps the baby's bottom cool and dry. Moisture is quickly pulled through the lining and into the sewn-in 'soaker' -- three layers of quick drying bamboo rayon. The amazing capillary action of bamboo quickly distributes moisture throughout the soaker, allowing an incredibly light, 3 ounce diaper to hold over 4 times its weight in liquid!
    RagaBabe's 7 point leak-resistant technology works to keep clothing, sheets and car seats dry. To provide all night protection for heavy wetters,
you can simply lay an insert or doubler on top of the lining. Yes... the
RagaBabe Easy All-In-One is a true overnight solution. (See Testimonials)
     Every RagaBabe All-In-One cloth diaper also comes with a thin organic cotton 'liner' that can be used to make poop cleanup easier while adding a small boost in absorbency without adding any bulk.
     A couple elastic design features that sets RagaBabe a part from others... Our long-life leg elastic will not need replacing and will not curl -- allowing our gussets to lay flat on baby's skin to reduce leaks and red marks. The wide 'comfort-fit' waistband eliminates pressure points and also deters the dreaded up the back 'blowout'!
     You will appreciate how fast the RagaBabe All-In-One diaper dries -- around 50-60 minutes in most dryers. And our laundry tabs REALLY do work... keeping the Velcro from clinging to other items in the dryer. Our fabrics resist odor and detergent buildup and have been tested with amazing results on children with extremely sensitive skin.
     Easy All-In-Ones can be used entirely or along with our RB Organic '2-Step' series. For any questions on sizing recommendations or other questions, email us at or visit us at RagaBabe Facebook.

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