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       "So I broke down and spent the money on RagaBabe All-In-One Diapers. I bought the Veterans Day package. I wasn't sure how well I was going to like them because the weren't one size. Well, the day we received the package I was in the hospital. I wasn't sure how well my husband was going to hold up using ONLY cloth since I was gone and we have four children. He has been struggling with even the easiest of other brands. He wanted to break down and use disposables so bad. Well, he tried the RagaBabe because of the camo print (he is in the military! LOL). But he called me and told me it was so easy. The RagaBabe diaper is what got him through using only cloth the whole week I was in the hospital for my surgery! He kept telling me that the 'diaper without the insert' held as well as other pocket diapers and I didn't believe it.
       So when I finally got home today, I put one on him. It held for 3 hours and I have a heavy wetter!! I couldn't believe it. [Other popular brand] were my favorite because of the way they fit my little man. But I have a new favorite and it is definitely RagaBabe!! I don't like that they aren't one size... but it's worth it. I'm definitely about to order more! I absolutely LOVE your diapers! They are so cute, easy, and very absorbent and daddy friendly!! He just told me he wants to use ONLY these! LOL. They are very well worth the money! I think I'm going to order a couple of the [Organic] '2-Step' Diapers also!"

Lyndsi Reed Overton  11/20/2010

     "Finally used an AIO for bedtime. Added the insert (I think it's the has a snap on it) and she woke up 13 hours later with the worlds heaviest wet diaper on.... NO LEAKS!!!! none at all. Love this diaper!!"

S.M.  9/26/10

       "I just feel compelled to post about the price of the RagaBabe products. First off I don't know Joy personally, I'm not a family friend and I have NEVER met her. I have NO loyality to her what so ever! I'm just a VERY happy customer! We are using the AIOs and although they are in the upper limits of the price range for an AIO they are ...100% worth it! I have used other AIOs (regulars and organics), [ six leading brands listed ]. I've been a CD momma starting 12 years ago... and I have NEVER ran across a diaper that performs like the RagaBabe AIO! It is worth EVERY cent! Otherwise I'd just be spending the extra couple dollars on extra laundry soap and extra clothes to keep up with the leaks! I am THOROUGHLY impressed with this diaper. We did have 1 leak just a night ago.. but it was TINY and caused by operator error. I didn't get the legs snug enough and my side sleeper leaked out her leg. If a diaper is made better and performs better than other diapers wouldn't you expect to pay more for it?? I would! and in the long run I'll save money because of it! My daughter is 15 pounds and is in a medium, which I'm confident will last until potty training in size. With the deal right now I have 12 aios and 3 inserts and it was about 288 dollars. Plus i originally bought 3 on opening day. Only 288 dollars to get from 8 mos until potty training!!! I think that's an awesome deal!!"

 Stephanie Margerison  10/11/10

     "I won an 'Easy' All-In-One Diaper from RagaBabe! I have tried a bunch of cloth diapers and I must admit that this diaper is the most well made diaper I have ever laid hands on. This diaper is simply amazing and beautifully made! I love that there is a soaker already sewn into it and you also have the choice of adding in even more protections if you need to. I used it for the first time as an over night diaper w/o any extra inserts. I have a heavy wetter and he was nice and dry in the morning... Wonderful diapers! Oh, and did I mention that the patterns are just delicious! I got the camo... so stinkin' cute!!! Will be back to buy some more!"


Alexandria Gonzalez Murray  10/5/10

     "Usually this diaper would be out of my price range but I wanted to try something new that came in cute prints. After much contemplation, I caved and bought ONE!! It wasn't only the cute prints that sold me, but the design itself.

     I ordered a daisy print AIO size medium for my 3 1/2 month old little girl because she was at the end of the size range for small. The medium actually fits her well with enough room to grow. I'm sure she'll be in this diaper for a long while. Oh, and I got the diaper two days after I ordered. Lightening speed shipping.

     I love love this diaper. The diaper is high quality and very well made right here in the USA. I feel I got what I paid for. The elastic in the back is wide which just looks more comfortable. My LO has chunky legs and this didn't leave a single red mark. The velcro seems to be industrial strength and the laundry tabs seem pretty good (I've only washed it four times), but they seem substantially stronger than the [other brand] laundry tabs.

     OK, now on to my favorite part. I'm amazed with the absorbency of this diaper. My little girl isn't a super soaker, but she does sleep for 10 hours straight at night. I only put the diaper on without any extra insert or doubler and she woke up with dry PJs. The diaper didn't even feel soaked. I could never do this with a [other brand] AIO without stuffing the heck out of it. Plus, the diaper really does dry in one drying cycle."

T.A.  9/22/10

     "Just wanted to say thank you for the lightning quick shipping. I ordered Friday and received my diapers Monday! So far I am in love! I washed them yesterday afternoon so they were done just in time for bedtime...the ultimate test! I tried her in the organic two step last night with medium insert and the doubler...completely dry this morning! And she really put it to the test. She nursed three times instead of her usual two and she did her morning business in her nice new diaper. Great product! I am going to try the easy AIO tonight."

J.R.  9/22/10

     "I am now the proud owner of 2 AI2s, one AIO, and 10 Ragababe wipes. This is an example of how soft they are. When I took my inserts out of the drier, my 3 old was there and he helped me get them out. He felt them and said "oooooooooh. These are soft!." He then proceeded to rub an insert all over his body. He could care less about his "other brand" microfiber inserts. He also really likes his "Nascar" (aka Cube) AIO.

J.J.L  9/22/10

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     "The easy AIOs are my new favorite cloth diaper! I never thought I would find an AIO that I could use overnight with no leaks, but Ragababe AIOs work great for overnight! I love the prints and bright colors of these diapers- so cute! And I am loving the super soft wipes. The customer service is amazing too."

T.W.  9/22/10

     "Absolutly LOVE my easy AIO!!! Super trim and very soft. The laundry tabs actually stay attached through my wash cycles. I cannot wait to purchase some more, I only wish RagaBabe was out when my little guy was born in March!!!

L.C.J.  9/22/10

    "We have added a handful of the Easy AIOs to our collection. I love the patterns. He is so cute in them. A "feature" I absolutely love, but that I have not seen advertised or talked about is the fact that when you take them off your baby, the wash tab Velcro automatically fastens itself. That may seem trivial, but it really helps trying to hold onto the baby and get the diaper in the wet bag. That combined with the fact you don't have to deal with inserts...and the fact that they dry really quick makes them the easiest to wash diaper I have tried. They are super soft, beautiful, fit great, easy to maintain...they are absolutely wonderful."

[Editors Note: Thanks for the comment about the laundry tabs, but be sure you press them together before washing! They're not spring loaded! --Dave]

E.W.  9/22/10

     "Just wanted to say we're loving our RagaBabes! Cloth diapering is going great for us, even dad and grandma are loving it. I was very impressed at how sizable the diapers are and I really love the wet bag system. Btw- I did get some Bac-Out. Can't wait to get some more cute diapy's soon. Thanks again for your help."

J.D.  9/22/10

   "Finally got to try out the Organic 2-Step diaper I won in the 1st giveaway today! I love it! Very trim and absorbent. Has a snug fit around the legs. Wanted to say that my daughter tried it out by having a huge diarrhea explosion (she's on medication for strep) and it held it all in!! I think it would have no problem holding in newborn bf poops as long as the fit is the same. Just wanted to let you know."


     "There is a new brand of cloth diapers that are coming out at the end of August called RagaBabe. I LOVE their AI2s! [Organic '2-Step']. I've never had a leak (even at night!), and they fit my daughter so well (she's a little on the chunkier side). I feel like they are even better quality than [other brand] (which I love!).


[Editors Note: J.D. was one of our original testers for RagaBabe. Thanks for contributing to the development of our diapers and especially the Organic '2-Step'!]

     "...I love the absence of bulk accompanied by the absorbency... I can use the AIO overnight with the small extra liner folded beneath. This is so much less bulk than any other option I have had in the past. I like the fit of the RagaBabe for comfort and style (fit under clothes). It is convenient to use, like a pocket or All-In-One diaper, yet more absorbent than these diapers.


     "I am really loving the new RagaBabe ['Easy' All-In-One]! First off, when I opened the package, I was FLOORED by how great it looked. It is the ONLY diaper I own that I feel represents me in an aesthetic sense. I love the true red... and the star detail on the Velcro... I just think early 30's and 20-somethings would really connect with your image. It is rocker, but not too over-the-top where it becomes kind of weird to see it on an infant...if that makes sense. I get a little sick of the little animal jungle prints that are available in every diaper brand.

     As far as use... LOVE the overnight insert. IT WORKED!! I had been reverting to disposables because of a lack of solutions for nighttime, but it WORKS! No leaks... and we do family bed with [our son] and he nurses often at night (bad mom, I know!!) Anyway... we are not experiencing red marks on his thighs. We are past the "blowout" stage since he eats solids, but I couldn't imagine that being a problem for anyone.

     After 3 wears and washes I am super impressed. SUPER! Also, I don't have to dry your diaper any longer than [Leading Brand]. I don't know if it is quicker, but I have a decent stash of [Leading Brand]s and yours is dry without having to flip it inside out like the other one requires. Saves me 2 steps!!

     Keep up the GREAT work. Also, your wash routine has really worked for me!"


     "I won a 10 pack of RagaBabes Organic Wipes. Oh... my... goodness!! I LOVE them! I have a couple of different brands of cloth wipes, but these are by far superior! They're bigger than the others I have, softer, and they don't lose their shape. I wish I had 20 more for my stash!"

T.B.K. of Canada

     "I got my pack of wipes and I am in love! They are so soft and the "fuzzy" part is perfect for dirty diapers! I am beyond excited to order more!


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