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  Size 0, 1, &3 '2-Steps' in
      Raga-Fun Friday Customs!

   • Medium 'Easy' AIOs

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• Size 2/M Wallflower & Pride; most sizes of Seafoam, Pixie Dust, Yellow, Chocolate, (Embroidered & Non Embroidered), Royal Blue, Magenta, & Kelly Green, Ponies and Blocks 2-Steps.
• Newborn Snapped All-In-Ones in
   Chocolate, Royal Blue, Kelly Green,
   Ponies & Blocks.

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• Laundry, Wet & Wipes Bag collection

Have you tried the

RagaBabe Insert Snap 'n Dry ?
Saves drying time and keeps inserts soft!

Organic Cotton Wipes
in Various Trim Colors!

RagaBabe 'Easy'
All-In-One Cloth Diaper

                An incredibly easy to use, highly absorbent, leak resistant, quick drying, cloth diaper system. Available in our RagaBabe 'Easy' All-In-One Diaper with sewn-in soaker or sizable RagaBabe Organic '2-Step' Diaper (Cover with snap-in Insert).

            Velcro-style closures and a sewn-in soaker in our 'Easy' All-In-One makes changing a cinch,
    even for Dad! No stuffing necessary as with pocket diapers!

             Lay in an additional RagaBabe organic cotton insert or doubler for
    dry nights,
    even for your heavy wetter.
    A true 'Overnight' system.

    Superior Absorbency
    Our 'Easy' All-In-One's sewn-in soaker and the inside layers of our organic cotton inserts are made with revolutionary cellulose fibers from bamboo rayon, providing Ragababe cloth diapers with unsurpassed absorbency. Seven point leak resistant technology leaves wetness on the inside where it should be!

    Style & Fit
    Designer cloth diapers with a "Wow!" factor -- choose from bold solids and unique prints produced by U.S. fabric mills for RagaBabe.  Our impressive trim fit allows clothing to slip on with ease.  Sizable hook & loop (Velcro-style) closures with a wide elastic waste band provides comfort fit. RagaBabe 'Easy' All-In-One Diapers are sized NB, S, M, and L. RagaBabe Organic '2-Step' Diapers with front sizing snaps, are sized 0 ,1, 2, and 3.

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    e  '2-Step'TM    Cloth Diaper
    Cover with snap-in Insert

            RagaBabe '2-Step' diapers
    reduce your diapering cost even more...
      • by growing with your child (whether petite or chubby)
      • allowing reuse of your cover multiple times per day with a new snap-in insert.

           You'll love showing off your little one in our bright colors and fun prints, all with amazing fit.

            RagaBabe represents a break-through in cloth diaper design and materials. Thousands of hours of development in order that you will...
    "love cloth diapers"!

    Save $$  and the Planet
    It's not unusual to spend over $2,000 on disposable diapers for a single child! RagaBabe cloth diapers significantly reduce the cost of diapering. Reusable RagaBabes keep your diapers on baby's bottom where they belong... not in our landfills!

    Made in the USA
    RagaBabe is a family owned business. We have made a commitment to supporting our nation's economy by using fabrics made in this country and utilizing the American workforce. Our cloth diapers  and other products are designed and sewn in the USA where quality and content can be carefully monitored and insured.  Children are priceless, and your trust and confidence is our highest value.

    RagaBabe soakers, linings and inserts resist soap residue and odor build-up.  Our diapers have been tested on children with extremely sensitive skin with impressive results... a blessing to many children who acquire rashes when using disposable diapers.

    Easy Care
    Saves Time & Energy
    A cold wash with residue-free detergent followed by a hot wash without detergent eliminates the need for pre-rinse and post-rinse cycles and frequent 'stripping'  common with many cloth diapers. Our materials significantly reduce drying time compared with many All-In-Ones (normally less than 1 hr.), saving energy.

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    Patents Pending
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